About the County Of SLO

For centuries, San Luis Obispo County was the heart of the Chumash Indian country. The Chumash had a rich culture and were excellent craftspeople and artists. Exploration of the land by Europeans began in 1769 at the command of Gaspar de Portola of Spain. With Portola came the Franciscan friars to begin founding the California missions. Following the independence of Mexico and the secularization of the missions, the central coast entered the period of the rancheros. Many names of towns and places derive from these Spanish rancheros. San Luis Obispo was claimed for the United States in 1846 by General Fremont. In 1850, California was admitted to the United States, and San Luis Obispo became one of the original counties.

Presently, over 238,974 residents enjoy our central coast location. Agriculture, state institutions, tourism and recreation make up the principal economic background. With the ocean and mountains, the Spanish and historical flavor, the friendly climate and the relative freedom from urban hassles, San Luis Obispo County is a good place to call home.


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California Polytechnic State University

Cuesta College

San Luis Obispo County Office of Education

Local Agencies:

Economic Vitality Corporation of San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo Air Pollution Control District

San Luis Obispo Council of Governments

San Luis Obispo County Arts Council

San Luis Obispo County Fire Department

San Luis Obispo County Integrated Waste Management Authority

San Luis Obispo County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO)

San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority

San Luis Obispo Visitors & Conference Bureau

South County Area Transit

Emergency Numbers:

Policy: 911

Medical: 911